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I think there's been enough negativity in the hockey world lately. So I think we should all sit back and remember why we love this sport.

For me, I love the sound of skates scraping into ice. I love the smell of the rink. I love the little hop the players do to get themselves into motion. I love goalies and pretty much anything relating to them, but especially flashy glove saves. I love tic-tac-toe plays. I love sick wristers and missile slapshots. I love goals from the people you would never suspect and I love hockey smiles.

You know what might seem weird? I love that it's sort of an underdog sport (at least in US). I never see football/baseball/basketball fans interacting the way I see hockey fans interacting. When I wear my Caps jersey or shirt, I get smiles and quick "Go Caps!" as we pass. And when I see other hockey merchandise around, we still exchange smiles and sometimes have conversations. And we know that we are in on the same little secret: hockey is the best sport in the world.

If you want to join in the hockey lovefest, leave a comment and tell me the stuff you love. Spread the word, if you'd like. Don't go bashing anyone/any team. Kumbaya ;)


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A few notes:
1) I talk about hockey 95% of the time (yes, even during the offseason) so be ready to deal with that.
2) Favorite hockey teams: Washington Capitals and Hershey Bears, but also watch the Boston Bruins and the Everett Silvertips. I'm cool with most teams.
3) I also love my Terps. And especially my coach.
4) I normally don't do too much trash talk (except during playoffs) but don't go bitching if I say something about your favorite team. It's my journal.
5) Duke fans need not apply.

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